Living page.  Updating……

FAITH:  Great Messages!

END TIMES STUDIES:  Updated weekdays with current news which is looked at through Bible prophecy.

GLORIES TO BEHOLD!  a different picture each day from space.

I SUPPORT:  There is a world of pain in this awful disease.  Although there are SOME in the family who hope Kiki fails 😉  VFSD does an awesome job training these beloved critters.

GARDENING:  You know what gophers say, “Bulbs, bulbs, more bulbs!!!”

BANKING:  Ha, ha, fooled you… no money!!  Our 401k is now a 1k!

CRAZY ZONES:  DRIVING!! Remember – “Ticket at 6!”

NEWS:  Weekly newspaper!!  Can’t beat life in a small town – everyone knows your business!!! – only when I need to know there is a world out there 😦

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