Quiet in the Garden…

October 23, 2009


The pond has stopped flowing and blooms are fading.  Crisp nights are forcing sap down the trees, leaving the branches filled with the vibrant hues of Fall.  Soon those same branches will be lonely silhouettes dancing in the winter winds.

My two favorite seasons have passed; this one is progressing rapidly as we hunker down before the frozen white tumbles from the skies.

This year I had not only watched the flowers bloom with great expectations, I watched the world as well.  Christ said we could recognize the approaching season of His return.  He told His followers to watch and to be ready.

The lesson of the ten virgins is an important lesson of readiness.  Last year as I began researching His command to “Be Ready”, this was one of the first ones I studied.  Since then I have learned so much and fallen even more in love with my Savior than I was before.  God is soooo AWESOME!!

I continue to “watch” as the days of normalcy in this world draws to closure.  This morning I read an article from a Jewish Rabbi, Roy Neuberger, of New York.  Even the Jewish community is aware things are rapidly changing, prophecy is coming to conclusion.  He states:  

“It is clear that mankind is in state of depression.  The irrational behavior that is epidemic in the world is a symptom of worldwide panic.  The world knows that “G-d’s appointed day” is not far off. “

Readiness is being alert to the tenuous nature of my life and preparing myself to enter that which is better, be it today, tomorrow or another season away.  In the meantime, I shall enjoy the glorious wonders of God’s magnificent creation and His majesty on display in the stillness of this season.    I will continue to cherish my family and the invaluable gift that they are.  I will laugh and cry, treasuring all these things in my heart.