Israel is God’s time clock.

For nearly 2000 years the Jewish people lived outside their land of Israel, the land given to them by God.   It was prophesized ~ it came to be.  I was born shortly after they returned to their land, establishing the Nation of Israel once again in 1948.  It was prophesized ~ it came to be.

But it wasn’t until June 7, 1967 that they came into possession of Jerusalem once again.   It was prophesized ~ it came to be.  Jerusalem, the Holy City; Daniel’s query of God about Jerusalem led to his receiving the ultimate end-time prophecy.  He was told to seal up the prophecy….it would be revealed at the proper time.

Isaac Newton, the master mathematician, astronomer and scientist spent his entire life studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.  He wrote volumes about it.  He found the key ~ and relatively recently his obscured writings came to light.  Newton concluded that all mankind and time revolve around Israel.  Dr. David Flynn has used the foundational keys of Newton’s along with his own research and the tool of the internet with fascinating results, “Temple at the Center of Time.”  Note, Flynn does not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of the believers of Jesus Christ; I do.  Numerous scholars are evaluating Newton’s findings and coming to similar conclusions that we are observing the culmination of mankind’s time marked by the country of Israel and Jerusalem.

World governments are attempting to force Israel to accept a ‘splitting of the land’ option.  God will not be mocked — that is His land, His beloved.  He has set forth warnings about messing with His belongings!!   Bible scholars are screaming today that this will lead to the ultimate judgment of the world.  But then, this too has been prophesized and we are all watching it come to pass.

We are in the end-times, there are too many prophetic things happening for it not to be so.  We are close to the day Jesus will call away His church, closing the years of grace to the gentiles, then God will begin to deal with Israel once again as He promised.   Jesus said it would be the generation which saw Israel restored; Daniel further said it would be based on the timing of Jerusalem’s restoration.  Jesus instructs us to watch and to be ready ~~~

Watching and waiting, no matter how much longer.  Thanking Jesus for His gift of love, forgiveness and grace.