April 6, 2009


Alleluia!!! This is my favorite time of year!  Not only do the reemerging flowers fill my heart with joy…it is the time of my favorite celebration.   Our Lord’s resurrection!  What better celebration is there ~ victory over evil, newness of life, redemption from sin and His promise of eternal life? 


It is time to celebrate!


I find this year unique because it parallels the Jewish Passover period exactly as it did the year Jesus was rejected, crucified and resurrected.  It is amazing to look closely at each day in Scripture and see the fulfillment of the prophecies made about Him.  Those prophecies continue to be fulfilled even to this year.


Wednesday has an additional celebration added to the Passover period this year.  It is “The Blessing of the Sun,” it is celebrated every 28 years.  A fascinating study in and of itself…and it falls in the middle of what is called “Holy Week.”  Amazing!


So with anticipation I finally saw the tiny heads of my tulips, alliums, and daffodils pop up and now I wait for them to bloom into fullness.  I am even more joyful as I celebrate Jesus, His gift to us and await the day of His promised return!!




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